Dine and Donate!

Celebrate Homecoming Weekend and support TCSDF by dining at one of the restaurants participating in Dine and Donate! Print this coupon and present it when you dine (9/18-9/20) and 10% of your bill will be donated to TCSDF.

Thanks to Ron Don’s, Silverline Tap Room, The Rongo, Good to Go, Glenwood Pines and Wrap it Up for their support of our work to provide unique educational opportunities for Trumansburg students!

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Alumni Reception at Atlas Bowl

Calling All Trumansburg Alumni!

Alumni from ALL Trumansburg CSD classes are invited to attend an Alumni Reception at Atlas Bowl from 4-6pm on September 18. Appetizers and FUN will be provided!

This event will be hosted by the TCSD Foundation and the Tburg Alumni Association to celebrate our alumni community. Come kick off Homecoming/Alumni Weekend at Atlas and mingle, snack, bowl or just learn how to “stay in the loop” with fellow alumni. We want to see you there!

2015 Award for Community Service

The TCSD Foundation was organized in 2006 with a mission to enhance the education of students in our school district. The Foundation pursues its mission through programs including grants to teachers for innovative projects outside the school budget:

  • Kids Discover the Trail, a program coordinating educational field trips to sites on the Discovery Trail for every Trumansburg student grades preK-6
  • The Trumansburg Troubadour newsletter on issues facing our school district produced in collaboration with talented students, and …
  • An Award for Community Service, to be made tonight to a graduating senior.

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Food is Elementary: A Testimonial

The “Food is Elementary” program should be part of a child’s  weekly “specials” in the Trumansburg Elementary school just like art, music or P.E., in my opinion.  It is  a curriculum   that includes a massive amount of integrated education about plants, chemistry, science, geography, culture,  cultural tolerance, math, sensory awareness, and physical  coordination.  That is not even a complete list.  We live in a rural community surrounded   by farms and yet, many of the children by 3rd and 4th grade  have a narrow interest in food and a subpar knowledge of where it comes from and how to cook and enjoy it.  Yet,  this is an activity they will do until the end of their  lives.

3rd and 4th grade students gathered at Sure Save on Sunday 5/31 to do a demonstration of two of the dishes they learned about in the Food Is Elementary program

3rd and 4th grade students gathered at Sure Save on Sunday 5/31 to do a demonstration of two of the dishes they learned about in the Food Is Elementary program

Just in volunteering one day,  I received a text from a thankful mother saying that her  daughter “LOVED” her “food education” class that day.  I witnessed this child earlier in the day try a spicy sauce that was entirely new to her and out of her comfort zone.  I saw her participating and not knowing the answer to one question, but having a correct hunch on another.  I saw many children engaged and excited and others quite challenged  by the new material which is really fundamental food information. As we know, children don’t always share with their parents every detail of their school days, but this class had clearly made the nightly news at home.

 Antonia was able to wrap in information about what sea surrounds North Africa (no child in 4 classes knew that the answer was Mediterranean without big hints) and to open children’s minds to people that are different than themselves with anecdotes about different dining customs.  She was able to transport them in a small way to a different geographical location with the flavors and smells of exotic spices.

 Whether you teach technical writing (writing directions to a recipe), math fractions (recipe measurements), world geography (with maps), science (climate/plant science) or history (of the American South) the elementary lessons could be tied into the “Food is Elementary” class in a very tangible way that is memorable and that enhances their studies and understanding of the subject at hand.

I hope to see this program expand in the years to come.  From the garden to the plate, it will bring good health to our children and grow their minds simultaneously.

Dewi Rainey
(Mom of a 5-year old in Kindergarden)

Trumansburg 4th Graders Prepare Nutritious and Beautiful Food

Food is Elementary, a program that TCSDF wholeheartedly supports, is underway in our elementary school! Here are some pictures of fourth graders preparing food — nutritious and beautiful! This past Monday they prepared a dish called Three Sisters with garlic, tomatoes, basil, spinach, beans and pasta. They then got to sample it in the cafeteria at lunch on Tuesday! Reportedly some students returned for thirds and others have repeated the dish at home with their families! Continue reading

Trumansburg 3rd Graders at Cornell Plantations

Here are some of our third graders studying plant life cycles and wildflowers at Cornell Plantations this past week! Students visited Mundy Wildflower Garden where each student looked for and identified their selected wildflower. Once the plant was found, each student taught the others in the group about their special plant. Teachers and guides agreed that students had learned a lot and were good teachers! They were well prepared to continue explore the garden, learning about many plants and talking about plant characteristics (ask your student about the wild ginger flower, or how long it takes trillium to bloom if growing from seed—or about underground lunch boxes! Continue reading

Spring 2015 Grant Cycle Underway

The TCSD Foundation is pleased to announce our Spring Grant Cycle! We’ve made the grant application process simple and streamlined, and this is a great opportunity for educators to help fund projects for students in the Trumansburg School District. 

  • Proposals are due May 31st and will be awarded in June
  • The Foundation will consider proposals for funds supporting innovative programming or projects directly involving and benefiting students in the Trumansburg School District
  • Proposals may come from teachers in the district as well as from other not for profit organizations serving the children of the district, such as the library, museum, etc.

Our aim is to make possible projects which cannot be supported by the school budget or by the budgets of other organizations.  Grants generally range from $200 to $1,000.
See examples of past grant awards

You may download a grant application, or pick one up in any Trumansburg School building office. Stay tuned to the Foundation’s Facebook page for other information and news, too!

March is Youth Art Month!

Every year, in the darkest part of the long cold and seemingly endless Winter something very bright and fun happens at the Trumansburg School District!  This year is no exception!  TCSDF is proud to once again sponsor this year’s Youth Art Month with special workshops for students culminating in an art show and auction on March 26th!  We encourage you and your students to get involved!  Watch the TCSDF Facebook Page for more information!

This year’s theme is PUPPETS!

Each of the schools have programs being made available to students outside of the normal class room time.  Below is a time line of all of the events.  For more information e-mail contact the appropriate art teacherSara Apker (Pre K – 4) Ellen Pennock (5 – 8) or Amanda Colunio (9 – 12).

  • Tuesday, March 3rd
    3rd and 4th grade paper mache puppet workshop (day 1)
    taught by Kate Sinko
  • Thursday, March 5th
    K, 1, 2nd grade paper puppet workshop
    taught by Sara Apker
  • Saturday, March 7th
    Community mural event in the elementary cafeteria
    10am – noon, free and for EVERYONE!
  • Tuesday, March 10th
    3rd and 4th grade paper mache puppet workshop (day 2)
    taught by Kate Sinko
  • Thursday, March 12th
    K, 1, 2nd grade paper puppet workshop
    taught by Sara Apker
  • Thursday, March 12th
    ATTENTION MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS: Deadline to sign up for middle school shadow puppet workshop; limited number of students can participate – sign up now!
  • Tuesday, March 17th
    Middle school shadow puppet workshop with Cornell’s Southeast Asia Program as a guest instructor
  • Thursday, March 19th
    Day two of middle school shadow puppet workshop
    taught by Amanda Colunio
  • Thursday, March 19th
    Grades 9 – 12  Create a Giant TBURG Raider Puppet #1
    taught by Ellen Pennock 2:45 – 3:30pm in the art room
  • Tuesday, March 24th
    Grades 9 – 12 Create a Giant TBURG Raider Puppet #2
    taught by Ellen Pennock 2:45 – 3:30pm in the art room
  • Thursday, March 26th 6-8pm in the high school cafeteria
    District-wide art show and art auction

Fall Grant Awards Announced; Spring Grant Cycle Underway

This past Fall we received some great grant applications for the Fall Grant cycle:  Thanks to our donors and fund raising supporters, we are pleased to have offered funds to support the following projects: 

Trumansburg Middle School Spring Community Read will center on Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai’s  2012 speech to the United Nations.  $200 will support this exciting project for students in grades 5-8 and the entire middle school community.

Trumansburg High School Band, under the direction of Hope Lewis, has commissioned a piece composed specifically for the band.  Students will meet with Greg Rudgers, the composer, for input and to enhance their learning about composing, performing and publishing. The special piece will premiere at the spring band concert!  $1,000 has been awarded in support of this project.  Watch our Facebook page for details on when the concert is taking place.

Functioning with Holcomb! Middle School mathematics teacher, Michael Holcomb, will coordinate with Black Locust Initiative to provide hands on experiences to facilitate and apply understanding of math concepts for 8th graders.  $250 has be given to support this project. 

2015 Youth Art Month:  Trumansburg students, k-12th grades, will be involved with in class activities and special workshops by area artists for this year’s Youth Art Month.   This year’s theme is ‘Puppets.’  This annual event ends with an Art Show and auction of student and local artist works. Stay tuned for the culminating event on Thursday, March 26th from 6 to 8pm.  $1,000 has been granted in support of this project.

Trumansburg  After School Program will purchase a multi-use stereo speaker system to use for their sound/movement program. $190 has been awarded in support of this program.

Ulysses Philomathic  Library offers a Story Arts program for preschoolers with a variety of good quality art materials.  $200 has been granted in support of this program.

We award grants twice a year. The coming Spring Grant Cycle gives another opportunity for teachers and others offering youth programs in our community which enhance the education and experiences of our young people.  If you and your colleagues have ideas to implement in summer or fall be sure to submit your grant request!