Community Art Auction

Every year at the end of the school district’s annual Youth Art Month, TCSDF invites local artists to join students in TCSDF’s yearly fundraising event, the Community Art Auction. Auction proceeds go to the to fund our enriching programs such as Kids Discover the Trail, the student-authored Trumansburg Troubadour, the Teacher’s Grant Program, and many more.

The 2018 Community Art Auction will be held in late March. Stay tuned for details!

The Foundation’s ten year anniversary was in 2017, and the Community Art Auction was part of the celebration. Forge Wine Cellars sold wine with 100% of proceeds benefiting the Foundation. Good to Go donated food, Chris Wofford acted as auctioneer, and Rosie Newton, Paul Martin and Steve Selin filled the room with music. Door prizes, raffles and live auctions were part of the fun. Participating Artists included:

Sara Apker • Benjamin Apker • Sarah Brainard • Annie Campbell • Tim Cardina • Ian Connerty • Julie Crosby • Chad Doolittle • Marcia Eames-Sheavly • Hillary Gifford • Hannah Graeper Carver • Julie Johnson • Rachel Kennedy • Jason Koski • Jim Kozlowski • Lois Kozlowski • Brad LaForge • Tara Masters • Denise Milito • Mark Oros • Ellen Pennock • Jennie Pharoah • Jackie Puleo • Laura Reid • Bucky Sandroni • Lynn Trudell •Julie Turri • John Hertzler • Indiana Thomas • Laura Rowley • Susan Whiting

Call for Art Donations!

Each year, we ask local artists to donate to the auction, and if you’re an artist, this means you! All proceeds go to the TCSD Foundation to fund our educational programming for the Trumansburg School District.

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