Youth Art Month 2012-2013

During the month of March 2012 and 2013 the Trumansburg Central School District celebrated Youth Art Month, a nationally recognized observance intended to bring attention to the value of arts education and the importance of quality school arts education programs.  As a team, the art teachers feel that these types of activities contribute to the schools mission “to inspire a love of learning”.  Students in all three schools learned about many artists and their impact on the world of art.  Excitement was generated for this subject matter by using a format familiar to sports fans: March Madness bracketology.  Students and staff voted for their favorite Artists, cheered for the winners and in the end only one was named champion.  In addition to activities scheduled in each art class, students were given another opportunity to celebrate art by attending an extracurricular workshop and experiment with a variety of materials that are not typically available.

With funding provided by the TCSD Foundation, students were able to meet local artists, learn about their craft and create their own works of art.  Then the students, their families, friends and the community all had an opportunity to attend an art showcase featuring the projects that students created during the workshops and their regular classes.  In addition to all the plaster creations, grid drawings, paintings and more, there were also photographs of the students while they worked.  Elementary art teacher, Sara Apker shared “Our goal is to inspire students with all the arts have to offer”.  From our observation it was clear that students were engaged during the process and judging by the crowd at the event they were proud to show off what they had accomplished.

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