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“School of Fish” Student Mosaic Mural, Part 2

This award by the TCSD Foundation finished the installation of a K-12 collaborative mosaic mural with the help of local artist, Denise Milito. Engaging and actively involving the entire school in its design and creation, this 9’ x 15’ mosaic mural was permanently installed on the exterior wall of the high school gym foyer. All K-12th grade students made their own individual tile for the mosaic at various times throughout the 2015-2016 school year.


Thank you for your support of our varied educational programs:

June 2016 TCSD Foundation Grant Awards

Classroots: A Farm-to-School Experience

Melissa Bryant, Hope Lewis. Gail Brisson, $1,500
Classroots plans to connect local farmers, chefs, small-scale food producers, and researchers with the school community to promote nutrition, an awareness of local food production & culture, and to begin to establish relationships that could lead to internship & employment opportunities for high school students and graduates. Classroots will be a campus-wide celebration Friday, October 7, and will include art and music students. Chefs, farmers, and local food producers (including students who are beekeepers or who garden, raise animals, and cook) will lead demonstrations and activities.

Hoophouse Fiesta: Growing Salsa & Sustainability

Melissa Bryant, Gail Brisson, Alan Vogel, $750
Hoophouse Fiesta plans to establish an on-campus garden and hoop house so that TCSD Middle School students can grow greens, tomatoes, hot peppers, and herbs. Students will then use these ingredients to make salsa and other products that can be sold to staff. This project will invite local experts to share their knowledge with students about plant science, hydroponic gardens, sustainable agriculture, plant-breeding, and the basics of planting and growing. TCSD STEM students will be mentored through the design and construction of the hoop house.

Active Afterschool

Ulysses Philomathic Library, $250
Active Afterschool will support the library’s very active afternoons at the library program with the addition of new games for students. Many students hang out at the library between three and five in the afternoon, more resources are needed to help them occupy those two hours in a way that engages them in recreation and learning, and allows other library patrons to continue working in an environment that meets their expectations. Upper elementary and middle School students are the primary target for these resources.

“School of Fish” Student Mosaic Mural, Part 2

This award will finish the installation of a K-12 collaborative mosaic mural with the help of local artist, Denise Milito. Engaging and actively involving the entire school in its design and creation, this 9’ x 15’ mosaic mural will be permanently installed on the exterior wall of the high school gym foyer. All k-12th grade students made their own individual tile for the mosaic at various times throughout the 2015-2016 school year.

2015-16 Grants in Action: Grants awarded in December 2015

The TCSD Foundation awarded a total of $6,000 for Eight Grants in Action in December, and are as follows.

Middle School Library Makers Club supported with $200.

This will help with the purchase of materials for students to explore and work with building and controlling robots.

Middle School Author Visit supported with $800.

Look for details of an author visit for middle school students, offering an opportunity to meet and talk with an author whose work students read.

Elementary School kits for developing fine motor skills for $200.

This will support the assembling of classroom kits by our elementary school occupational therapist.  The kits will be fun and help students develop needed skills.  These experiences should help reduce referrals for special services for motor skill development.

Middle School Localvore Club supported with $1,000.

This will help provide supplies for food experiences in the ELA special class as well as in other classes.  The experiences include nutrition learning, learning about local food sources,  organizing and presenting information, food preparation and sampling.  Many will be integrated with ELA topics.  Funds will also go toward the planning and construction of a food cart in technology classes.

Middle School Fifth Grade Music Classes workshops supported with $1,000.

Classes will participate in 4 in-class workshops led by Music for Unity.  They will explore themes of unity, culture, civil rights through music.  Materials related to the workshop experiences are available for the teacher to use throughout the year.

K-12 Youth Art Month and Mosaic Mural Project is supported with $1,500.

Continuing the tradition of celebration March as student art month,  K-12 art teachers plan student participation throughout the year and special workshops in March to make special tiles for an outdoor mural installation.  Foundation funds will help support the materials needed and the services of a local artist to work with students on final design and installation.  The community is invited to a special art show on March 31.

The High School Jazz Ensemble is supported with $300.

This will provide the fee for a professional jazz musician to rehearse and play with the group to develop their skills.  At this year’s Jazz Cabaret on February 10th, the ensemble (will show) their skills.

High School Robotics Club is supported with $1,000.

This will help in the purchase of a control system board and supplies to give students an opportunity to work on component parts and programming of a control system.  It will provide a foundation for training on robotics control for this and future years.

Congratulations to all our recipients, and we look forward to the next grant cycle, with applications being accepted throughout the month of May.

Spring 2014 Grant Recipients Announced

The TCSD Foundation Board approved the following awards for the Fall 2014 Grant cycle:

$199 to the Trumansburg Afterschool Program for the purchase of durable science  (plant and animal) specimens to promote the powers of observation for 30-35 K-2 children.

$500 to the Trumansburg ES/MS Robotics Team to purchase an FLL Robot EV3 kit, the basic, primary component needed to compete in the coming year’s FIRST Lego League Challenge, and will also be reused in future competitions.

Up to $350 to the Middle School Library to purchase paint and supplies for a student-designed mural outside the MS library, in a collaborative project with the Art Department. Approximately 30- students (grades 5-8) are anticipated to participate in the mural painting.

$1,500 to the Library to support the creation of a MakerSpace in the library. MakerSpaces feature collections of materials that enable students to take on projects that foster individual learning and experimentation. Funds will be  used to purchase materials that would allow students to explore basic electronics, as well as a collection of tools and supplies for basic crafting and woodworking.

$1,000 to the Trumansburg High School to support the Floating Classroom, a longtime ecology field trip.

$2,000 to the Trumansburg High School Robotics Team, the Robot Raiders. Funds will be used to build a training robot to prepare the team for the 2014-2015 competitive season.

2013 Fall Grant Recipients Announced

Youth Art Month

A Youth Art Month will be celebrated in March 2014 across the Trumansburg Central School District to engage all students K-12 in activities and workshops. Artist workshops will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.  High school students will create short informational movies using iPads about famous artists and their work. March ART Madness will involve students actively listening to and seeing artwork by famous artists, including via informational movies, and voting on their favorite, with a single artist winning and advancing until a single artist remains, representing the district winner. TCSD Foundation funds will be used to support activities and workshop for the month of March.

TASP Labyrinth Challenge

The Trumansburg Afterschool Program (Middle School) will receive funds to purchase two Labyrinth Balance boards to support an ongoing Labyrinth Challenge. Balance Boards encourage students to improve their balance and coordination, and increase their ability to concentrate when competing with each other.

Trumansburg Robot Raiders

The brand new High School Robotics Team will receive funds from the TCSD Foundation to support its rookie year, including registration for the season’s regional competition and materials and tools required to build a competitive robot. The competition – the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is “The Varsity Sport for the Mind.” FRC combines the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology. It’s as close to “real-world engineering” as a student can get.

Ulysses Philomathic Library Afterschool Activities

Funds will support What Teens Want, a series of afterschool activities to be hosted at the Ulysses Philomathic Library. Based on a survey of local teens, the library will provide the supervision, space, and promotion for activities such as movie making, knitting, writing, book discussions, community service, cooking, photography, drawing and anime. The series will be launched with a Dungeons and Dragons program.


TCSD Foundation funds will support a collaboration between the Russell Doig Middle School and the Ithaca Concert Band. Middle school students will sit side-by-side with Ithaca Concert Band members, enhancing their music education and inspiring them to continue with their instruments after graduation. The mentorship project will culminate in a concert on March 2, 2014 at 4:00 p.m.

Trumansburg Elementary School 2013 Subaru Healthy Sprouts Garden Grant Grand Prize Winner

Trumansburg Elementary School was selected as one of 50 award winners from a pool of more than 3,000 inspiring applicants for the 2013 Subaru Healthy Sprouts Garden Grants administered by the National Gardening Association and funded by Subaru of America. Trumansburg Elementary School is one of three to receive a $1,500 Grand Prize. The Food Studies Institute submitted the proposal to continue and expand its vision of the school garden as an outdoor lab integrated with the Food is Elementary curriculum.

According to the National Gardening Association, the Trumansburg garden program was selected “because of the exceptional nature of the work you are doing to enhance the lives of youth and the community in your area.  The application you submitted provided a combination of clearly stated goals, organized planning for your garden, well developed plans for incorporating health and nutrition into the curriculum.  We are delighted to have this opportunity to support your garden education program and we are excited to hear how your program uses the award to enhance the experience of students and participants.”

The Trumansburg Elementary School garden education program is run by the Food Studies Institute and Dr. Antonia Demas together with the Food is Elementary nutrition education program. Being a top winner of this long standing program highlights the important work that the Food Studies Institute, Dr. Demas and the Trumansburg Central School District are doing together.

The Trumansburg Elementary School garden education program will be featured in the Kids Garden News, a publication of the National Gardening Association, in the near future. The award will provide a variety of gardening supplies so that different cultivation techniques can be experimented with in the garden.

2012 Teacher Grant Awards

The following grant awards totaling $5,131 were made during 2012:

Elementary School Reading Buddies Program  —  Gail Brisson
Created “Reading Buddy Bins” organized around social studies topics, adding to resources already in place. The Reading Buddies Program pairs older and younger students to read and discuss books together, fostering both literacy and social studies goals. Teachers are developing lesson materials and activities for the books in the bins. The topics supported by this grant include Martin Luther King, Jr., Women’s History and United States Presidents. Elementary teachers and the elementary librarian worked together to select titles addressing the social studies curriculum and the Common Core Standards. Continue reading 2012 Teacher Grant Awards