Committees & Members


Program Committee

Sarah Koski (chair)
Carolyn Lange (emeritus)
Katherine Walker
Jennifer Wofford

Fundraising Committee

Leslie Appel
Hayden Brainard ’91
Molly Buck (chair)

Public Relations Committee

Hayden Brainard ’91
Teressa Sawester
Heather Wilcox
Megan Williams (chair)

Finance Committee

Keith Baier (chair)
Hayden Brainard ’91
Molly Buck

Nominating Committee

Hayden Brainard ’91
Molly Buck

Advisory Board

Rosemarie Hanson

Incorporating Directors

We would like to thank the Incorporating Directors for their tremendous efforts to establish and grow the TCSD Foundation for the benefit of the Trumansburg community.

Paul Bartishevich
Elizabeth Cassetti
E. Joseph Farrell
Frances E. Maguire
Tara Masters
Michael May
Ronald MacLean
Paul Harrington
Steven Mount ’90
Mark Oros
Jane S. Peck
Nancy Taber