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March is Youth Art Month!

Every year, in the darkest part of the long cold and seemingly endless Winter something very bright and fun happens at the Trumansburg School District!  This year is no exception!  TCSDF is proud to once again sponsor this year’s Youth Art Month with special workshops for students culminating in an art show and auction on March 26th!  We encourage you and your students to get involved!  Watch the TCSDF Facebook Page for more information!

This year’s theme is PUPPETS!

Each of the schools have programs being made available to students outside of the normal class room time.  Below is a time line of all of the events.  For more information e-mail contact the appropriate art teacherSara Apker (Pre K – 4) Ellen Pennock (5 – 8) or Amanda Colunio (9 – 12).

  • Tuesday, March 3rd
    3rd and 4th grade paper mache puppet workshop (day 1)
    taught by Kate Sinko
  • Thursday, March 5th
    K, 1, 2nd grade paper puppet workshop
    taught by Sara Apker
  • Saturday, March 7th
    Community mural event in the elementary cafeteria
    10am – noon, free and for EVERYONE!
  • Tuesday, March 10th
    3rd and 4th grade paper mache puppet workshop (day 2)
    taught by Kate Sinko
  • Thursday, March 12th
    K, 1, 2nd grade paper puppet workshop
    taught by Sara Apker
  • Thursday, March 12th
    ATTENTION MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS: Deadline to sign up for middle school shadow puppet workshop; limited number of students can participate – sign up now!
  • Tuesday, March 17th
    Middle school shadow puppet workshop with Cornell’s Southeast Asia Program as a guest instructor
  • Thursday, March 19th
    Day two of middle school shadow puppet workshop
    taught by Amanda Colunio
  • Thursday, March 19th
    Grades 9 – 12  Create a Giant TBURG Raider Puppet #1
    taught by Ellen Pennock 2:45 – 3:30pm in the art room
  • Tuesday, March 24th
    Grades 9 – 12 Create a Giant TBURG Raider Puppet #2
    taught by Ellen Pennock 2:45 – 3:30pm in the art room
  • Thursday, March 26th 6-8pm in the high school cafeteria
    District-wide art show and art auction

Fall Grant Awards Announced; Spring Grant Cycle Underway

This past Fall we received some great grant applications for the Fall Grant cycle:  Thanks to our donors and fund raising supporters, we are pleased to have offered funds to support the following projects: 

Trumansburg Middle School Spring Community Read will center on Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai’s  2012 speech to the United Nations.  $200 will support this exciting project for students in grades 5-8 and the entire middle school community.

Trumansburg High School Band, under the direction of Hope Lewis, has commissioned a piece composed specifically for the band.  Students will meet with Greg Rudgers, the composer, for input and to enhance their learning about composing, performing and publishing. The special piece will premiere at the spring band concert!  $1,000 has been awarded in support of this project.  Watch our Facebook page for details on when the concert is taking place.

Functioning with Holcomb! Middle School mathematics teacher, Michael Holcomb, will coordinate with Black Locust Initiative to provide hands on experiences to facilitate and apply understanding of math concepts for 8th graders.  $250 has be given to support this project. 

2015 Youth Art Month:  Trumansburg students, k-12th grades, will be involved with in class activities and special workshops by area artists for this year’s Youth Art Month.   This year’s theme is ‘Puppets.’  This annual event ends with an Art Show and auction of student and local artist works. Stay tuned for the culminating event on Thursday, March 26th from 6 to 8pm.  $1,000 has been granted in support of this project.

Trumansburg  After School Program will purchase a multi-use stereo speaker system to use for their sound/movement program. $190 has been awarded in support of this program.

Ulysses Philomathic  Library offers a Story Arts program for preschoolers with a variety of good quality art materials.  $200 has been granted in support of this program.

We award grants twice a year. The coming Spring Grant Cycle gives another opportunity for teachers and others offering youth programs in our community which enhance the education and experiences of our young people.  If you and your colleagues have ideas to implement in summer or fall be sure to submit your grant request!

Trumansburg Kids Explore & Discover (TKED)

This program, one of the first initiatives of the Foundation, supports a field trip to a Discovery Trail site for all pre-K through 6th grade students with 8 trips total, one site each year!   TCSD Foundation, Discovery Trail and Trumansburg Central School District collaborate to make this program the success that it is.  Discovery sites are matched to a grade level with site educators who work to coordinate the trip experience with teachers.  Each student receives a book related to their field trip; the expense for the books has been supported by the ES and MS PTOs with help from Family Reading Partnership. The Kids Discover the Trail field trips provide a hands-on extension of classroom experiences and access the rich resources of our area.

8 Discovery Trail Sites

  • Johnson Museum of Art – Pre-K
  • Tompkins County Public Library – Kindergarten
  • Museum of the Earth at the Paleontological Research Institution 1st Grade
  • Sciencenter – 2nd Grade
  • Cornell Plantations – 3rd Grade
  • The History Center in Tompkins County (Eight Square School) – 4th Grade
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology – 5th Grade
  • Cayuga Nature Center  – 6th Grade

So far this year, all 6th graders went to the Cayuga Nature Center in September for outdoor adventures and experienced working together and developing team building skills. Their book is The Climb by Gordon Korman.

Second Graders went to the Sciencenter in January.  They had a great time trying out exhibits that tied to what they had been studying about energy and in addition, they had time to explore the exhibits.  Their book is Our Earth, Clean Energy by Peggy Hock.   This was a popular trip with the students.  Here are some of their comments:

I had so much fun at the Sciencenter. I had fun building a dam.
— Jezebel 

I liked making windmills. To test if it could do work we had it lift pennies in a cup. As the blades turned it wrapped a string that was holding the pennies.  My partner and I lifted 50 pennies.
— Leo

My favorite part was building a wall so the water would not get through.
— Micayla

My favorite parts were terraforming, water gates and windmill. I really truly love the book.
— Bailey

My favorite part was the windmills.  Me and Matthew made one together.  First we used circles, then we used squares.
— Kyelan

It was so fun. We learned about oxygen.  We learned and had fun!
— Gina

I liked learning a lot. How many is a million is very cool. I couldn’t even get past 100.
— Braden